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                          About Homeopathy



According to world Health organization (WHO), Homeopathy is now the second most widely used medical system in the word after conventional medicine. Homeopathic medicine originated in Germany and has been practiced for hundreds of years throughout the world. Homeopathy is widely used in India and Europe, and is becoming increasingly popular in North America as many people have begun to seek alternative treatment either because of side effects of conventional medicine or they are not being cured by the conventional medicine.

Because of extreme dilutions there are absolutely no toxic effects by homeopathic remedies.

Since there is no risk of toxicity, homeopathy is an excellent choice for those who are concerned about the side effects of common pharmaceutical drugs or those who find that conventional medicine is not able to help them.

How Homeopathic medicines are made :

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that uses exceptionally dilute preparations of natural substances that stimulate the body to heal itself. These remedies are made from plants, common foods, animals and mineral extracts and diluted in varying degrees. Paradoxically. The more dilute the remedies are, the more effective they work. Homeopathic remedies diluted to 30 c potency does not have a single molecule of the original substance, but contain the property to trigger the healing process in the body. Since these remedies dont contain any original substance, these are considered to be no more than mere placebos by the skeptics. According to world health organization (WHO), homeopathy is now the second most widely used medical system in the world. It is a common day experience of hundred of thousands of Homeopathic Practitioners and patients around the world that Homeopathy works. It works upon unconscious people and infants, and even it works on animals. The skeptics are unable to explain this. Perhaps science will be developed to such a stage  someday to provide answer to this.

Like cure likes.

The principle behind Homeopathy is that like cure likes. The same principle is widespread in mainstream medicine, the most notable examples being antidote and vaccines. However Homeopathy takes this premise a step further, as an example if I have, sneezing, acrid discharge from nose and eyes, symptoms similar to be produced by onions, the diluted form of red onion could be my Homeopathic remedy. The theory that like can be treated by like can be traced back as far as Hypocrites ( 468-377 BC), He prescribed a small dose of mandark root, which in larger doses produced mania , to treat mania itself. But it was not until the work of Samual Hahnemann ( 1755-1843) that theory developed as a useful practice.

Why Homeopathy.

Homeopathy can be relied upon as gentle , safe effective , non addictive system of medicine to treat wide variety of illnesses, both acute and chronic, without any toxic effects.